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Why not employ your own cleaners

Employing your own office cleaners might seem like a good idea at first: hire the right people; train them properly, save money… But…

Are you prepared to pay for recruitment? training? management time, material costs? safety insurance?

What cover will you have in place if your cleaner is off ill or is away on holiday?

What happens when the cleaner leaves? you have to start over again and have another management headache.

Using Wrightway Office Cleaning, you get all benefits of a clean office without the frustrations.

All the management headaches, the training, material, insurance costs are left to us we are the specialist office cleaning firm in the West Midlands .  We train new cleaners much more efficiently, delivering better results in less time.

Many clients come to us after employing their own staff. They realise that the management time and overheads involved in hiring their own staff was not cost effective.

Hire Wrightway, a professional team, to handle your commercial cleaning.  We provide the people and the skills to make your offices clean at reasonable costs.

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